About The Caledon Library & The Library Militant

The Caledon Library serves the Independent State of Caledon. We maintain a collection of materials for the use of residents and other interested parties. We also host exhibits, book talks, lectures, and the occasional donnybrook.

The collecting policies of the Caledon Library have two main foci: the 19th century and Caledon's defining literary genres, Steampunk and Alternate History. Within these areas, we collect, first of all, primary source material: 19th-century novels, nonfiction works, and periodicals, along with materials from earlier eras considered important in the 19th century; and of course defining works in Steampunk and its parent genres. Second, we collect  research materials concerning the world of the 19th century and its imagination, and secondary materials useful for studying Caledon's important genres.

This site draws its name from the Chivalric Order of the Duchy of Caledon Primverness.  The order was founded by the Duchess of Primverness, who is also the head of The House of Wu, the Library's main source of support.  Members of the Order take vows of Literacy, Obstinacy, and Bibliomancy.* 

The Independent State of Caledon is located in the virtual world of Second Life.

*For the Order's purposes, Bibliomancy is defined as Divination by jolly well Looking It Up.

Caledon Library Branches and Locations

The Jack and Elaine Whitehorn Memorial Library , Caledon Victoria City
Main Library, General Collections, Exhibits

The Caledon Library Reading Room in Caledon Victoria City: Reference Collection, Periodicals, Recent Acquisitions

The Vannevar Bush Reading Garden, Caledon prime. Inter-Library Loan Catapult, & a book of verses beneath a shady bough

The Marie Curie Memorial Branch Library : Science, Technology, Poetry, and the Precursor Literature of the Steampunk genre

HG Wells Memorial Branch Library, Caledon Wellsian. "The Art of Going"  Real and Imaginary voyages

Tinyville Library, Tinyville, Caledon Tanglewood: 19th century Children's literature and Literature of the Fantastic

Caledon Welcome Centre, sponsored by the Caledon Library -
Caledon National Materials, Reference Collection, Caledon Groups

Steampunk and Airships Dirigible: Steampunk Reference collection, Proto-Steampunk FIction from the 19th c; Sumie Kawashima Memorial Airship Collection of 19th & early 20th century works on Airships

Gerturude Jekyll Library Collection - Works on 19th century Gardening

Caledon Library at Oxbridge: Caledon Materials, Oxbridge Materials, Public School Novels.

Caledon Library Meeting Room, Downtown Victoria City - Discussion Series & associated exhibits.

The H.P. Blavatsky Memorial Branch Library at Adocentyn Tower, Caledon West Spierling: 19th c Spiritualism and related materials.