Mr Toad meets Edna St Vincent MIllay

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Such things happen in libraries.

Wind in the Willows Listening Parties
Inaugural party and broadcast!
Chapter 1: The River Bank
Saturday, Jan 10th
10am-11am SLT
Tinyville Library, Caledon Tanglewood

Come as a character from Kenneth Grahame's novel,  The Wind in the Willows, and join us as we listen to,  and discuss,  a new chapter each month of the adventures of the shy but loyal Mole, the poetical Water Rat, the brave Otter, the gruff but kindly Mr. Badger, the vainglorious Toad, and all the other creatures of wood, stream, and field who populate this much-loved story.
This week, the story begins as Mole, tired of his Spring Cleaning, makes a break for it and meets the Water Rat...and The River...and finds that there's nothing so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

Big People may join us in Tinyville, or repose in comfort at the Oxbridge Library in Caledon Oxbridge

Those who can't be with us in-world are invited to tune in at

This is a year-long series, the second Saturday of each month, 2009. Sponsored by the Caledon Library and Rachelville, and produced by Radio Riel


And, on the very next day.....
(so you see, they do not actually meet after all. This time)

Caledon Library Book Discussion and Listening Party
Selected Poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sunday, Jan 11th, 2009
1-3pm SLT
HG Wells Memorial Library, Caledon Wellsian

Or tune in at

This month we peer into the future to consider the poetry of Miss Edna St. Vincent Millay. Millay's passionate outpourings are rather heightened than constrained by her precise poetic diction. Add to this a strikingly natural and unabashedly frank poetical voice (her works reflect the spirit of nonconformity that pervaded her Greenwich Village milieu) and you have poetry that has been both inspiration and solace for four generations of enthusiastic readers.

Millay is justly celebrated for her ability to combine modernist attitudes with traditional forms,  creating a unique American poetry. From a biographical sketch on the Poetry Foundations site:
A reviewer for the London  Morning Post wrote, "Without discarding the forms of an older convention, she speaks the thoughts of a new age." American poet and critic Allen Tate also pointed out in the New Republic that Millay used a nineteenth-century vocabulary to convey twentieth-century emotion: "She has been from the beginning the one poet of our time who has successfully stood athwart two ages." And Patricia A. Klemans commented in the Colby Library Quarterly that Millay achieved universality "by interweaving the woman's experience with classical myth, traditional love literature, and nature."

This event will be the second of our "interactively DJ'd"  Poetry Discussions. With the kind cooperation of Radio Riel DJ (and Millay enthusiast) Gabrielle Riel, we will listen to recordings of the poems, discuss them, and then listen to them a second (or, who knows, even a third time.)


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